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Our Pyrex/Borofloat 33 wafers are great for anondic bonding.  But we also have less expensive D263 for other useds.
Pyrex wafers 1” 2”, 3”, 4”  6” 8” 12” or Borofloat wafers for all uses 200um 500um and 700um wafers always  in stock.
Other Pyrex thickness available on upon request

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Always in stock

4” wafer Borosilicate glass (Pyrex or Borofloat)
Diameter 100 +/-0.3mm
Thickness: 500 +-25um / Also have 175 +/-25um
Double Side Polish
Surface Roughness: <1.5nm (Ra)
TTV: <10um
ground c-shape edge with primary flat SEMI
surface cleanness: scratch-dig 60-40 according to MIL-PRF-13830
clear apeture: diameter 90nm
cleanroom packed class 1000 according Fed 209

Corning Pyrex 7740 Spec Sheet


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